Succeed in the Workplace

You've found a good job. Now, how do you live up to your employer's expectations? What can you do to show you deserve a raise or a promotion? Here are some tips to help you keep and succeed in your new job:

Tips to Succeed in the Workplace
Stick to your work schedule
Always be on time to work. Have a backup plan for transportation and child care. If you are running late, call your boss as soon as possible.
Don't take time off in the first few weeks. Let your new boss know you're dependable.
Leave and return from breaks on time. Let your supervisor know when you will be away from your workstation.
Follow the rules at work
Know the company rules and policies. Pay attention to all manuals, orientations, and safety lessons. If you are not sure of a policy, ask your supervisor or human resources.
Follow the proper chain of command if you have a problem at work. Talk to your immediate supervisor first, unless told to do something else.
Dress appropriately
When you start a new job, find out what clothing looks OK and is safe to wear.
Always come to work clean and well groomed. Do not wear heavy perfumes or colognes. Go easy on the makeup.
Look like you take pride in yourself and your job.
Act professionally
Don't make personal phone calls or use company equipment for your own tasks.
Speak in a way that's appropriate for work. Don't use curse words, slang, or speak too casually to customers or your boss.
Never use alcohol or illegal drugs at work. You could get fired if caught. It could also keep you from being hired for other jobs.
Get along with others
Be a team player and help coworkers with projects.
Hang around coworkers who have good attitudes and work hard.
Everyone has different views of politics, religion, and cultures. Most companies have rules supporting diversity.

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